Programme summer 2019

01 May  Julian  Seven cardinal rules for life
08 May  Nigel  Stop making excuses
15 May  INTRODUCTION: A very short introduction to Buddhism
22 May  Alan  The five precepts: loving kindness
29 May  Alan  The five precepts: generosity

05 Jun  Nigel  The five precepts: stillness, simplicity and contentment
12 Jun  Nigel  The five precepts: communication
19 Jun  Nigel  The five precepts: mindfulness
26 Jun  Cliff  The Metta Sutta

03 Jul  Julian  sutta study
10 Jul  Summer break
17 Jul  Summer break
24 Jul  Summer break
31 Jul  Summer break

07 Aug  Summer break
14 Aug  Double meditation
21 Aug  Cliff  Self Compassion
28 Aug  Buddhism Badge! Visit from the Scouts

Next introductory classes

Introduction to Meditation  Sat 11th of May 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Suitable for complete beginners as well as those with an established meditation practice.  The day will include sessions on posture, stress reduction, mindfulness, different approaches to meditation and establishing a regular practice.

Places are free but need to be booked as there is a limit on numbers. Please book with Nigel on 01224 705960 or 07903 667548. Please bring food to share for lunch.

A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism  Wed 15th of May 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

This evening will cover introductions to both meditation and foundation Buddhist concepts. Suitable for complete beginners. People who have completed this class can come to our Regulars’ evenings. Cost is on a dana or donation basis.

Both classes are in the Quaker Meeting House, 100 Crown Street. Details can be found here.

bodhi leaf 5 150pt

Introduction to Buddhism – Jan 2019

Meetings at the start of 2019 will be dedicated to an introduction to meditation and Buddhism suitable for complete beginners. We recommend these meetings for anyone who wants to come to our regular Wednesday evening group over the rest of the year.

2nd January – closed
9th January – Introduction to meditation part 1
16th January – Introduction to meditation part 2
23rd January – Introduction to Buddhism part 1
30th January – Introduction to Buddhism part 2
6th February – Practice in daily life
13th February – Discussion

All meetings are 19:30 to 21:30 in the Quaker Meeting House. More details here.

bodhi leaf 5 150pt

Programme – September to December 2018

05 Sep  Alan – Mindfulness
12 Sep  Alan – Right Speech
19 Sep  Nigel – Teachings from the Forest – Ajaan Lee
26 Sep  Nigel – Teachings from the Forest – Ajaan Fuang

03 Oct  Talk by Julian
10 Oct  Nigel – Teachings from the Forest – Ajaan Chah
17 Oct  Bright – The Five Powers
24 Oct  Talk by Orla
31 Oct  Nigel – Teachings from the Forest – Ajaan Dune

07 Nov  Alan – The Social Teachings of the Buddha
14 Nov  Nigel – Teachings from Dipa Ma
21 Nov  Talk by David
28 Nov  Talk by Julian

05 Dec  Bright – Gratitude
12 Dec  Cliff – Finding the Balance
19 Dec  Double meditation
26 Dec  Closed

Programme: May to August 2018

REGULARS’ GROUP (Wednesdays 19:30 to 21:30)

The regulars group is open to anyone who has been on an introductory course or who is already familiar with Buddhism and meditation. Evenings marked INTRODUCTION are suitable for complete beginners.

16 May  Nigel – The five hindrances
23 May  Alan – The Brahma Vihara meditations
30 May  Bright – Anatta-lakkhana Sutta: the discourse on not-self

06 Jun  Nigel – The five aggregates
13 Jun  Alan – Community and friendship
20 Jun  Orla – Buddhism and mental health
27 Jun  Julian – Angulimala

04 Jul  Nigel – The seven factors of awakening
11 Jul  Alan – Apollo, Dionysus and the Buddha
18 Jul  Juliansubject to be confirmed
25 Jul  Alan – Buddhist ethics in a global economy

01 Aug  Nigel – Getting to know the breath
08 Aug  Bright – Contemplating death
15 Aug  Nigel – Dhamma in daily life
22 Aug  Orla – subject to be confirmed
29 Aug  INTRODUCTION A very short introduction to Buddhism

Programme February – April 2018

07 Feb  Nigel – Emotions and their role on the path

14 Feb  Julian – Right speech

21 Feb  Nigel – Effort or no effort

28 Feb  Orla – Gender in Buddhism

07 Mar  sangha evening

14 Mar  Alan – Biased? Me? – part 1

21 Mar  Alan – Biased? Me? – part 2

28 Mar  Nigel – Putting the present in its place

4 Apr  Julian – The Sīgālaka Sutta

 11 Apr  double meditation

 18 Apr  INTRODUCTION: A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism

 25 Apr  Nigel – The Threefold Path: Ethics

Introductory classes 2018

We’re starting 2018 with our 3-week introductory course, covering the basic teachings of Buddhism and a bit of background about Buddhist texts, schools and history to help you navigate the different forms of Buddhism that you might find. We will also be teaching meditation, suitable for complete beginners. Once you have come on an introductory course you can come to our Regulars group which meets every Wednesday.

17 Jan A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism
An introduction to the basic concepts of Buddhism and to Buddhist meditation.

24 Jan Schools and Sources
Buddhism was passed down as an oral tradition for several hundred years. How did it come to be written down? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different texts and traditions that we know Buddhism through?

31 Jan Culture and Practice
Buddhism comes with various bits of Eastern cultural baggage. What are these? Where did they come from? Are any of them useful today or can we practice Buddhism without any of them?

Meeting times and place