We’re back!

We’re happy to say that we are now holding in-person meetings on Wednesday evenings (7:30-9:30) in the Quaker Meeting House again. We are trying a new format for the month, with a monthly pattern of different kinds of meeting.

Beginners’ meetings
The first Wednesday of the month will always be a beginner’s-level meeting, needing no previous experience of Buddhism. If you are new to Buddhism, please come to one of these before coming to other meetings.

Practice group
The third Wednesday of the month will be focussed on personal practice. You can find a description of how the meetings will work and advance readings for each month in the study materials section of the website.

Online meetings
The last Wednesday of the month will be an online meeting by Zoom. This will include a led meditation and a talk and discussion. The talk may be live or using an online video. Please contact us for the Zoom link if you are interested in joining.

Regular meetings
All other Wednesdays will be in-person meetings, usually following the format of meditation-tea-talk-discussion.

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