Programme Sep 2017 to Jan 2018

REGULARS’ GROUP (Wednesdays 19:30 to 21:30)

The regulars group is open to anyone who has been on an introductory course or who is already familiar with Buddhism and meditation. Evenings marked INTRODUCTION are suitable for complete beginners.

06 Sep  Alan – Biased? Me?
13 Sep  Nigel – The 7 factors for enlightenment
20 Sep  Julian – What’s metta got to do, got to do with it?
27 Sep  Nigel – Go with the flow

04 Oct  Cliff – The Aggi Sutta
11 Oct  Double meditation
18 Oct  Nigel – How to prosper
25 Oct  Alan – On loneliness

01 Nov Eszter – Being your own god
08 Nov  INTRODUCTION A very short introduction to Buddhism
15 Nov  Nigel – Creating worlds
22 Nov  Nigel – How do I do it?
29 Nov  Cliff – The suffering of others

06 Dec  Talk by Orla
13 Dec  Talk by Julian
20 Dec  Winter celebration
27 Dec  no meeting

03 Jan Nigel – New Year’s Resolutions
10 Jan Subject to be confirmed
17 Jan INTRODUCTION A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism
24 Jan INTRODUCTION Schools and Sources
31 Jan INTRODUCTION Culture and Practice

Venue and time details

Introductory courses April 2017

Sat 22 April – Introduction to meditation 10:00-13:00

This morning class will cover the best ways to sit for meditation, basic mindfulness techniques and how to go about establishing a regular meditation practice. With plenty of time for questions and discussion it’s the one we’d recommend most of our introductions.

Wed 26 April – A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism 19:30 – 21:30

Taking the place of our regular Wednesday night meeting for a week, this course introduces both meditation and essential Buddhist concepts – and how they fit together.

Both courses are at 100 Crown Street and are by donation – see Time and place. There is no need to book for them but if you are thinking about coming do drop us an email so we have an idea of how many to expect.


Introduction to Buddhism 2017

We’re starting 2017 with our 3-week introductory course, covering the basic teachings of Buddhism and a bit of background about Buddhist texts, schools and history to help you navigate the different forms of Buddhism that you might find. We will also be teaching  meditation, suitable for complete beginners. Once you have come on an introductory course you can come to our Regulars group which meets every Wednesday.

11 Jan  A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism
An introduction to the basic concepts of Buddhism and to Buddhist meditation.

 18 Jan  Schools and Sources
Buddhism was passed down as an oral tradition for several hundred years. How did it come to be written down? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different texts and traditions that we know Buddhism through?

25 Jan  Culture and Practice
Buddhism comes with various bits of Eastern cultural baggage. What are these? Where did they come from? Are any of them useful today or can we practice Buddhism without any of them?

Meeting times and place

Programme autumn/winter 2016


Introduction to meditation: Saturday 22nd Oct; 10:00 to 13:00
Introduction to Buddhism: Wednesday 2nd Nov; 19:30 to 21:30

REGULARS’ GROUP (Wednesdays 19:30 to 21:30)

The regulars group is open to anyone who has been on an introductory course or who is already familiar with Buddhism and meditation.

14 Sep        Nigel – everyday practice
21 Sep        Autumn celebration
28 Sep        Alan – ‘The Spirit Level’ – Buddhist responses to inequality

05 Oct        Julian – The Four Frames of Reference
12 Oct        Cliff – Rebirth
19 Oct        Nigel – Swimming Against the Stream – non-craving in a consumerist culture
26 Oct        Julian – Going for Refuge

02 Nov       Introduction to Buddhism – see above
09 Nov       Nigel – The Buddha’s meditation systemhandout
16 Nov       Alan – Mindfulnesshandout
23 Nov       Shona – Why the Breath?
30 Nov       Alan – Gladdening the Mind

07 Dec        Alan – Practicing the Brahma Viharas
14 Dec        Alan – The mudita bhavana
21 Dec        Winter celebration
28 Dec        closed

4 Jan        Double meditation

Meeting times, place and costs

Programme – summer 2016

The summer programme will cover the Buddha’s teaching of the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’, one limb of the path per week. Each evening will consist of a short talk, followed by discussion. This would be a good point for beginners to start as it should make a good introduction for people not familiar with the teachings.

20 Jul   View
27 Jul   Resolve
03 Aug  Speech
10 Aug  Conduct
17 Aug  Livelihood
24 Aug  Effort
31 Aug  Mindfulness
07 Sep  Samadhi

14 Sep – talk, subject tbc
21 Sep – Autumn equinox celebration

Introductory courses 2016

20 April – Introduction to Meditation
27 April – A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism

06 July – Introduction to Meditation
13 July – A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism

As usual, meetings run from 19:30 to 21:30 in the Quaker Meeting House, 98-100 Crown Street, and payment is by donation. There is no need to book for the evenings.


Programme autumn 2015

The Noble Eightfold Path

These five evenings will be mostly discussion-based, covering the main areas of Buddhist practice. They are suitable for beginners if attending from the beginning.

23 SepRight View, Right Intention

Meditation: Body awareness

30 SepRight Speech

Meditation: Mindfulness of breathing

07 OctRight Action

Meditation: ‘Gladdening the mind’

14 OctRight Livelihood, Right Effort

Meditation: Cultivation of goodwill (metta bhavana)

21 OctRight Mindfulness, Right Concentration

Meditation: Four-stage metta bhavana

28 Oct, 4, 11, 18, 25 Nov Buddhism in Daily Life