Programme 2016 Jan-Mar


Introduction to meditation and Buddhism: Wednesday 6th January 19:30 – 21:30

REGULARS’ GROUP (Wednesdays 19:30 to 21:30)

The regulars’ group is open to anyone who has been on an introductory course or who is already familiar with Buddhism and meditation.

o6 Jan   Introduction – see above
13 Jan   On Mindfulness
20 Jan   The Breath
27 Jan   The Body
03 Feb   The Mind
10 Feb   Integrated Practice

The next four weeks will be based on the book What the Buddha Thought by Richard Gombrich. The book looks at the pre-Buddhist words and imagery used by the Buddha to get his message across and what a better knowledge of them can add to our understanding of what the Buddha taught (and thought).

17 Feb   What the Buddha Thought …about nobility
24 Feb   What the Buddha Thought …about karma
02 Mar   What the Buddha Thought …about ‘not-self’
09 Mar   What the Buddha Thought …about fire
16 Mar   Buddhism and Emotion
03 Mar   to be confirmed
30 Mar   Spring celebration

All meetings are in the Quaker Meeting House, 98-100 Crown Street.

Study Group
The study group meets every other Sunday in members’ homes and studies books chosen by the group. We will be choosing a new book early in the new year. If you would like to join the study group, please contact the group email.

All events in the programme are on a dana basis. This means that the costs are funded by donations but individuals decide for themselves how much they wish to contribute.

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