Programme: May to August 2018

REGULARS’ GROUP (Wednesdays 19:30 to 21:30)

The regulars group is open to anyone who has been on an introductory course or who is already familiar with Buddhism and meditation. Evenings marked INTRODUCTION are suitable for complete beginners.

16 May  Nigel – The five hindrances
23 May  Alan – The Brahma Vihara meditations
30 May  Bright – Anatta-lakkhana Sutta: the discourse on not-self

06 Jun  Nigel – The five aggregates
13 Jun  Alan – Community and friendship
20 Jun  Orla – Buddhism and mental health
27 Jun  Julian – Angulimala

04 Jul  Nigel – The seven factors of awakening
11 Jul  Alan – Apollo, Dionysus and the Buddha
18 Jul  Juliansubject to be confirmed
25 Jul  Alan – Buddhist ethics in a global economy

01 Aug  Nigel – Getting to know the breath
08 Aug  Bright – Contemplating death
15 Aug  Nigel – Dhamma in daily life
22 Aug  Orla – subject to be confirmed
29 Aug  INTRODUCTION A very short introduction to Buddhism

New study group book – This Being, That Becomes

This Being, That Becomes by Dhivan Thomas Jones is said to be a ‘clear, practical and open’ guide to that central but sometimes obscure Buddhist teaching of ‘conditioned co-production’. It will be the next book for the Study Group, which meets every other Sunday morning in members’ homes. The group is open to anyone who has read that week’s chapter, so if you are interested in joining in, please email us.

This Being That Becomes

Study group book: The Jewel in the Lotus

image_bookThe next study group book will be ‘The Jewel in the Lotus’ by Stephen Batchelor. It’s a bit different from our usual study group books in that it’s more about the history of Buddhism than the practice. It is out of print but there are plenty of copies available second hand.

The study group is held once a fortnight in members’ houses and is open to anyone who has read the week’s text. There is a separate mailing list for the study group wo if you would like to join it please email us.