Retreat April 2017

10:00 to 16:00 Saturday 22 April

This is our first self-organised retreat in a long time, so we’re keeping it simple. There is no theme or teaching, just a chance to experience the results of a longer period of meditation in a conducive environment.

The day will fall into two parts. The morning (10:00-13:00) will be an Introduction to Meditation class for beginners. Obviously anyone coming on the retreat won’t need this, but we encourage you to come along and sit in, taking advantage of the periods of meditation and giving new folk a chance to meet some regulars.

At 1pm we’ll stop for a light lunch. If you can’t make the morning you can come and join us then. After that the afternoon will be dedicated purely to meditation, alternating sitting and walking meditation. At the end there will be a short time to end with a cup of tea and a discussion of meditation practice.

Further details: see Time and Place

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