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We use this page to post handouts from the Wednesday night talks and other materials.

Practice discussions

Proposed Dhamma Practice Discussion Group
The Five Precepts – for 20/7/22

A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism

A Very Short Introduction


About mindfulness
Mindfulness of the body and breath
‘Gladdening the mind’ – developing positive states of mind

Buddhism from the Beginning

1. What is Buddhism?
2. The Noble Quest – quotes
3. Karma and Rebirth
4. The Four Noble Truths
5. Vision and transformation
6. Right Speech – Handout; Right Speech – Thanissaro
7. Right Action; Virtue
8. Right Exertion; Right Livelihood
9. Right Mindfulness; Right Samadhi; Meditation
10. Buddhism and Society
11. The Five Hindrances

Refuges and Precepts

Going for Refuge
The Healing Power of the Precepts‘ – Thanissaro

Introduction to Meditation

Preparation for Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation – Gil Fronsdal
Metta Bhavana Practice
; Working in Metta Bhavana
Brahma viharas handout 2019


03 Sep 18 – To What Extent Is Buddhism A Religion

09 Nov 16 – Meditation

10 Sep 14 – Chimp Management

15 Jan 14 – Science of metta bhavana

17 Oct 12 – Self and non self

02 Jul 12 – The Four Contemplations Practice

06 Jun 12 – Compassion

Strength Training for the Mind – Thanissaro


Dharma Lists

Refuges and Precepts