Buddhism from the Beginning 2020

Do you want to learn meditation or understand the foundations of Buddhist practice? This short course introduces the essential Buddhist ideas and meditations that you need to begin. Its emphasis is on teachings that you can test and put into practice in your own life, not on untestable beliefs. We ask people to come to at least the Very Short Introduction before joining our regular Wednesday evening meetings

15 Jan 2020 A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism – part 1
22 Jan 2020 A Very Short Introduction to Buddhism – part 2
What do terms like karma, nirvana and enlightenment really mean? This two-part introduction looks at how to understand essential Buddhist ideas in a clear and practical way.
Meditations: mindfulness of body and breath

29 Jan 2020 Culture and Practice
Buddhism comes with various Eastern cultural attachments. What are these? Where did they come from? Are any of them useful today or can we practice Buddhism without any of them?
Meditation: gladdening the mind

05 Feb 2020 Schools and Sources
Buddhism was passed down as an oral tradition for several hundred years. How did it come to be written down? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different texts and traditions that we know Buddhism through?
Meditation: nurturing goodwill

There is also the option to do a longer introduction to meditation on the morning of Saturday the 11th of January. Click here for details.

Time and place

bodhi leaf 5 150pt

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