Programme May – August 2017

REGULARS’ GROUP (Wednesdays 19:30 to 21:30)

The regulars group is open to anyone who has been on an introductory course or who is already familiar with Buddhism and meditation. Evenings marked INTRODUCTION are suitable for complete beginners.

03 May  The eightfold path – Nigel
10 May  Walking the path – Nigel
17 May  Refuges and precepts – Alan
24 May  The Ānāpānasati Sutta – Alan
31 May  The same but different, but the same – Nigel

07 Jun  Don’t get mad, get dhamma! Anger management in the suttas – Shona
14 Jun  The Saraniya Sutta: the principles of cordiality – Julian
21 Jun  Summer celebration – Alan
28 Jun  The eight worldly winds – Nigel

05 Jul  Dharma Day – Alan
12 Jul  Life is not an easy ride – Cliff
19 Jul  Buddhism at work – Eszter
26 Jul  The four elements – Julian

02 Aug  Sigalovāda Sutta pt2 – David
09 Aug  INTRODUCTION A very short introduction to Buddhism – Alan
16 Aug  The five precepts – Nigel
23 Aug  Right speech – Nigel
30 Aug  Jhāna – Nigel

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