Winter/spring 2014 ‘Buddhism from the Beginning’

These talks build on each other, adding up to a rounded introduction to Buddhism, with the emphasis on practical application. However each talk is also meant to stand on its own and to be useful even if you can’t attend all of them.


Wed 05th         How To Approach Buddhism (Meditation: body awareness)

Wed 12th         The Noble Quest (Meditation: body awareness)

Wed 19th         The Buddha’s Enlightenment (Meditation: body awareness)

Wed 26th         The Four Noble Truths (Meditation: mindfulness of breathing)


Wed 05th         Right View, Right Intention (Meditation: mindfulness of breathing)

Wed 12th         Right Speech (Meditation: mindfulness of breathing)

Wed 19th         Right Action (Meditation: metta bhavana)

*Wed 26th         Right Livelihood, Right Effort (Meditation: metta bhavana)


Wed 02nd         Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration (Meditation: metta bhavana)

*Wed 09th         The Historical Development of Buddhism (Meditation: karuna bhavana)

Wed 16th         Buddhism and Society (Meditation: just sitting)

*Wed 23rd         The Five Hindrances

*Wed 30th         The ‘Meditation Roadmap’


Wed 07th         Discussion

*Wed 14th         Wesak / Buddha Day festival

* Not suitable for those with no experience of meditation