Programme: April to June 2012

Download: ABG programme 2012 Apr-Jun

Theme: Different Approaches To Buddhism

25 Apr   Theravada and Mahayana on the Wheel of Life

Sometimes it is easier to understand something through a visual image. This talk by Alan uses the image of the Wheel of Life to illustrate the differences between the Theravada and Mahayana approaches to Buddhism.

02 May  Teachers and Spiritual Friends

On the idea of ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ relationships on the path of development.

09 May  Buddha Day Celebration

Saturday the 5th of May is Wesak or Buddha Day, the traditional anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Julian will lead a double meditation.

16 May  The Triratna Buddhist Community

The Aberdeen Buddhist Group is currently affiliated to the Triratna Buddhist Community, also known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. Alan will talk about the history, organisation and teachings of the TBC.

23 May  The Thai Forest Sangha

The Thai Forest Sangha is a movement within Theravada Buddhism that seeks to get back to the original practices of the Buddhist sangha. It is now established in the West with teachers like Thanissaro Bhikkhu at the Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego County, California. Nigel will talk about the approach to Buddhism taken by this tradition.

30 May  Discussion on the Future of the Aberdeen Buddhist Group

It has been some time since the group has discussed how it is organised and what its affiliations are, to the extent that the situation has become rather vague. This discussion will help to clarify things and give everyone a chance to contribute to decisions about our future.

06 Jun    Compassion

A talk by Mhairi about this core Buddhist quality.

13 Jun    Buddhism and Helicopters

Ian will talk about an example of applying Buddhism to daily life – applying it to a job that you hate.

20 Jun    Double Meditation

27 Jun    The Four Contemplations

A talk by James.

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